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I've Recieved My Diploma in Cosmetic Tattooing

16th of June, 2015

I've Recieved My Diploma in Cosmetic Tattooing

I flew over to Melbourne to attend the Melbourne College Of Permanent Cosmetics . I met some lovely tattooists while i was there and got some great training and tutoring from some of the best. Lisa Millington is the old business owner , but she has recently sold the business to a new tattooist called Kelly, they are lovely and the salon is so busy!

I spent the time there with hands on training from them all, so i got abit of everyones advice and input about tips and tricks to get the best result from cosmetic tattooing. I did 14 models in total and have done everything from eyebrows (which is the most popular thing to get tattooed) to upper liner, lower liner, lips, lip liner, beauty spots.

There are two different types of eyebrow tattoos, one is the more popular look which is called feathering, this is made by using the feather hand tool to create the desired natural look for the brow. Then there is block tattooing, which is made by drawing an outline of the brow, and then filling in the brow using the tattoo hand gun, which is a smaller version of a regular hand gun used by tattooists.  You can also get a combination eyebrow tattoo, which is feathered at the inner from brow, then block coloured on the outside. This is the type of tattooing that i have on my brows.

Cosmetic tattoing is an art, the colour isnt easy to chose because everyone has a different skin tone, there are warm and cool skin tones and they both throw out different colours, and when the colour fades and heals into the skin, its very hard to know what colour the skin will throw out until it is done. This is why we need extensive training on this and not everybody can do it.

I have added photos onto my website and my Facebook Page so you can see my work and what i have been up to at the school.

I look forward to bringing cosmetic tattooing to Christchurch .