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I have been in the industry of permanent makeup for 6 years now, I am  a fully trained cosmetic tattooist, makeup artist and beauty therapist. I started out in the makeup industry, then furthered my studies in cosmetic tattoo in 2015.

I have completed my training in Melbourne College Of Cosmetic Tattooing and Tania Beauty Care Sydney.

I keep updated with the ever evolving industry that is cosmetic tattoo, I will tell you the different options available to you depending on the look you want and your age/ lifestyle needs. Look at my extensive portfolio and you will see my diversity to get the brows that suit you best.

I am also an award winning makeup artist, I am passionate about makeup and am available for weddings and any special event. Whether you want to enhance your natural look, after a complete makeover or if you want to add a creative flair, I will make sure you walk away feeling amazing.





Cosmetic tattooing

It is a process of depositing pigment into the second layer of skin, this is why it doesnt last as long as a regular tattoo,  I create eyebrows, eyeliner and beauty spots.

What to expect when you go to your appointment.

My first step is to talk about what you want and what i can do, answer any questions you have about the process. I then draw on a shape using 2 measuring tools and we both agree on the shape and colour. I wont do anything I'm not happy with. Then we apply some numbing cream to make the process easier for you. You then fill in the appropriate forms, and we wait and chat until the brows have numbed. I start the tattooing process going back from one brow or eye to the other, until they are both even and done, please note i have to implant the ink so it lasts so i have to go over the area 4 or 5 times .  We then go over aftercare and i penetrate ink into the brows while we are talking to make sure it sinks in there as much as possible.

How long does cosmetic tattooing last?

It is different on everyone due to skincare, sunscreen used, and type of skin, but generally...
Brows last between 12 month to 18 months before they start looking faded.
Eyeliner lasts 1-2 years.

Do i really need to come for two appointments?

Yes i strongly recommend you come for your touch up, at the initial treatment, there is only so much colour we can implant before the trauma to the area becomes too much. Cosmetic tattooing is a work in progress, during the healing process some pigment may fall out with the flaking that happens, the touch up is a time to check and even anything out, go darker if you want it darker and thicker as many clients like it when its first done and its very dark. My method is to slowly apply pigment, let it heal then come back for more pigment to prolong the longevity in your brow tattoo.

Does it hurt?

I use 2 types of anaesthetic, one topical to put on the skin before the tattooing process starts, then a gel to use while I’m tattooing between colour applications. But it depends on the person, some people it doesn’t hurt at all, but some people it hurts abit, it depends on the individuals pain threshold . Brows have a scratchy feeling, and liner is done with the needle machine.


Brows are done with a feather stroke tool, this creates a natural hair stroke look. Immediately after the procedure, the brows will be very dark and bold, but this will only last for 7-10 days, until the brows are healed and they will fade up to 30%, then a touch up is required at $100. I recommend getting them refreshed once every 12 months at $200. If you leave it more than 2 years, the price goes back to the original price of $420.

Combination Brows

This is a mixture of microblading and shading, once 2 passes of microblading has been done and the shape has been created, i then shade them in with a digitial machine. This takes quite a bit longer and uses a lot more pigment hence the price difference. Combination brows are $520. These brows last longer than the microblading. A touch up is required after 4 weeks at $100.


Eyeliner is done with a tattoo machine and needle. It will be very bold for the first 2 weeks, then will fade up to 30% and become lighter and softer looking.  Eyeliner is $250 for either upper OR lower, or $450 for both. It is a thin line along your lash line to enhance the lashes, great for blondes who have light lashes, or also people with glasses who have trouble seeing to apply makeup. Designer eyeliner, which is a thicker, winged look is $450. Touch ups once a year are $200.

Keeping them fresh

 Try not to put  skin care products with active ingredients on the tattoos, especially retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. Use sunscreen to protect them and prevent fading. Be vigilant with your aftercare, i will explain the aftercare at the appointment and give you an aftercare sheet to refer to.


Combination Brows

A mixture of microblading to give you natural look at the head of the brow, and shading to give a more defined tail. It lasts longer than the microblading technique, this is the preferred technique as it is best for most skin types.


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Featherstroke brows, this is a more natural look, not suitable for oily skin.


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Second appointment retouch

You will need to come back for a touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later to increase the longevity of the tattoo. Cosmetic tattoos are a work in progress and sometimes during the healing process pigment can fall out with the flaking, so the touch up is an important part of the process.


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Cosmetic Tattoong Yearly Touch Up

This is the price if you came to me originally. If it has been 2 years since the first appointment, it goes back to the full price.


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Designer Eyeliner

Cosmetic tattoo, a shaped, thicker, winged eyeliner look.


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Upper OR lower eyeliner

Cosmetic tattoo . Upper and lower is $450.


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Special Event Makeup

Lashes included. $10 extra if you want me to come to you in Christchurch city. If your out of town i will quote a petrol charge on booking.


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Wedding retainers

If you book me for your wedding, i will require a $100 retainer to secure the date. The retainer is non refundable.


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Masquerade Party

You knew exactly what i wanted, and i was thrilled with the outcome.

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1980s Party

It was outrageously awesome! Have re-booked for Cupday.

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Glamour Shoot

Olympia is fantastic at what she does. Highly recommended.

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Makeup was perfect for the whole day, she was early to the hairdressers and i had alot of contact from her.

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Wedding makeup

She did an incredible job of the makeup. Olympia was so professional and organised.

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Cosmetic Tattooing

Olympia did a great job. Good to know someone who is professional and amazing at what she does.

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Cosmetic Tattooing

Went to Olympia, she did such an amazing job of at tattooing my eyebrows,i would highly recommend going to her.

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Cosmetic Tattooing

I recently had my eyebrows tattooed by Olympia and i have to say they are amazing.

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I went to Tanya Beauty Care in Sydney and did an intensive training day with the amazing Tanya, learning all about combination technique, which is a mixture of microblading and shading, it lasts longer and its a more defined look, great for the tails of the brow and its a better option for people with oily skin , as oily skin makes the tattoo fade quicker than normal skin clients. Also more mature skin needs the combination technique . It will still give you a natural look with the microblading at the head of the brow to give natural hair strokes. If you would like a consultation with Olympia please call 021 276 2234.